No Sick Days as a SAHM

This one is dedicated to all of you stay-at-home parents out there, whether you be mommies or daddies! Do you remember the days when you were able to call in sick to work?? Remember when you used to sit on the couch or lay in bed dwelling on how crappy you felt and binge-watching Netflix?? Well say GOODBYE to those days, my friends.

You are now a stay at home parent…and like the Dayquil commercials say, there are no sick days as a parent. You don’t get to look at your sweet kiddo and say “mommy/daddy needs a sick day sweetie, I’ll see you tomorrow if I feel better”.


It can be really hard at times to take care of another human being when you are sick. Obviously, when it is just a cold that you would go to work with anyways, you can power through. The fear, of course, is that your baby will catch whatever you have…but it’s not like you can stop loving on your baby 100% of the time while you are under the weather! However, when it is something like the flu…or in my case, a ruptured ovarian cyst…it can be difficult to push through. I don’t want to be on pain medicines that make me loopy when I am the only one here to be responsible for my daughter…which means I can’t take them until after her bedtime when I’m not watching her every second. So that means, it takes longer to get better and I have to fake it!


I still want my little one year old to think mommy is happy and having fun…so I bear down and smile, play with my daughter and fake it until I make it! My husband is a lot of help for sure…however, he can’t exactly take a sick day because mommy is sick either, at least not unless it is a MUST stay in bed situation. So, my breaks don’t come until after 5. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case since Parker is in mommy mode these days and daddy is back to work travelling. So it’s mommy, mommy all the time, 24/7.


As a mom though, whether you are a SAHM or a working mom/parent…we know we don’t get sick days when it comes to our kiddos. All you can really do is do the best you can. If you ever feel like you aren’t giving that sweet baby enough love or attention because you feel down and out…I can promise you that you still are. The fact that you are there and present, playing and “fake” smiling, that is MAJOR. Before having children, you would’ve been laying in bed, dwelling on feeling like crap and watching tv. Yes, it may take longer for you to get to feeling 100%, but I assure you that your kid appreciates every moment. Some small part of them knows mommy/daddy is a little off, but they also still know you are right there. You are still smiling at them, laughing with them and playing by their side…and at the end of the day, that’s what’s important.


**Even the fur babies need your loving!**


2 thoughts on “No Sick Days as a SAHM”

    1. Yes, it is so true! My mom was a single parent and until now, I never really appreciated how much she did for me when she was sick. It can be tough 🙂


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