Different Parent, Different Reaction

How many times as a parent have you heard the term “playing parents against each other”? It is always something you assume will happen later in their life. You expect it to happen when they are old enough to ask for toys or to go certain places, for extra tv time or for that extra snack. No one ever thinks that your BABY will learn to play you two against each other.

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Birthday Fizzle or Blessing?

Hey everybody! So today is officially my Thirtieth Birthday! Now…when I pictured this birthday I definitely had some ideas of how I would celebrate; a fun trip with the hubby or girlfriends, maybe a big bash with family and friends…or even just going to see the Marvel movie that would come out near my birthday (side note…Marvel always manages to wish me a Happy Birthday with a movie around this day every year haha). What I didn’t envision was waking up early to make it to an Orange Theory workout, making a Target run and then staying home with my husband and baby girl.

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Getting Ready as a SAHM

Does anyone else feel like they have gotten in that “mom rut”? I absolutely HATE to call it that but that is the term I hear most often. I remember talking with one of my friends while I was pregnant, she was saying that when she had kids she didn’t want to be one of those moms who never got ready and just let themselves go. I completely agreed with her at the time…and now here I am, a mom who spends most days in her pajama pants, nursing top and hair up! How did it come to this?!

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Baby’s First Easter Basket

Here comes the Easter Bunny y’all!! We are so excited for Parker’s first Easter! We didn’t go all out for her at Christmas time this past year. We knew at her age, there were only so many toys that people could really buy for her…so we decided to let her family have the opportunity to get her what they wanted. We only did Santa; he brought her stocking stuffers and an adorable rocking unicorn from Pottery Barn Kids. Soooo…I decided to have fun with her for Easter!

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