Sleep Woes

We always joked about how we got lucky with Parker. We may have given in to letting her sleep on us for naps for a little too long, but she was always a fantastic sleeper. Once we figured out a sleeping situation for her (she had horrible reflux issues), she slept through the night like a champ…I would ask her doctor if I needed to wake her to feed her. We always joked saying that our next one would be a terrible sleeper…well the joke was on us.

In the beginning, we thought maybe we hit the lottery. It took us a while to get him used to a swaddle but once he was, he started sleeping super long stretches throughout the night…it was amazing! We struggled on and off with being able to put him down for naps though. We laid him down when we could and wore him when we couldn’t. Then the RSV hit, followed VERY quickly by the 4-month sleep regression. It was like a storm hit our household and took sleep right out the window.

Sweet Rafe turned into a terrible sleeper. We couldn’t put him down at all during the day without him waking almost immediately back up. Nights were rough, it’s gotten to the point that it takes us 6 tries of bouncing him all the way to sleep before he’ll do any kind of decent stretch. Then there are the multiple night wake ups. His naps are never longer than 40 minutes (and that’s if we’re lucky), even if we attempt to hold him, they don’t get any longer.

I am in no way ready for him to leave our room at 5 months old or to begin a sleep training routine, however I know we must do what is best for our baby and for us. None of us can continue to survive on such little sleep. Parker isn’t getting as much attention because of his poor naps and mom and dad are basically surviving on caffeine and adrenaline. Rafe has been so fussy with being overtired and overstimulated from lack of sleep. So, we have decided to move him into his own room and to begin sleep training. My stress and anxiety levels have gotten so high that I’ve actually made myself inadvertently sick.


I just want to be real with you guys! These are the sides of parenting that you rarely hear about or see on social media. I try to be honest with you all, show you all the sides. I’m sure you’ve seen my Instagram stories about what we are going through right now. We are 2 days into sleep training, and it is definitely not going as smoothly as Parker’s did. This is going to be a rough transition and we are honestly considering seeking outside help with a sleep consultant.


I just want everyone to know that parenting is not always easy. I’m so thankful for an amazing husband to help tag team life together and a wonderful support team of mama friends who understand and to go through this journey with. I will continue to let you know how this journey is going…for now, the struggle is real.


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