We Are Moms, Hear Us Roar!

Hey gals (or guys)! Today it’s on my mind to discuss helping other mommas out there. I think this is something that isn’t talked about enough, but definitely happens…and I believe it should happen more!

Today, I went to Target to pick up some things for Parker. I needed some pureed food, formula, Tylenol, etc. As I was leaving the isle with the formula, a mom with a young boy stopped me. She started off saying “I know this is weird to stop you and ask this, but….”. It made me a little sad, to think that it would be weird to stop another mom to ask her a question. I mean, obviously, if she had stopped me to ask me something WAY out there or creepy, sure…but not to ask me a mommy to mommy question. She was curious about the formula I was getting. She was told by her doctor to start supplementing with formula and had no idea where to start. I really appreciated her asking me.

This girl managed to stand up in her spare cart cover without anyone noticing haha

When I had to start supplementing with formula, I was completely clueless! I was a first-time mom and didn’t know what formula was best, there are so many different brands and multiple options within each brand. I remember asking a few different moms that I knew had used formula, as well as doing research on the different options. It was nice that my research could benefit more than just myself.

Parker and her cousin…you may not be able to tell, but she is older ha

I went on to explain to her that each baby is different. They can have sensitivities to different brands or formulas. When we first started, I tried Similac Pro-Sensitive. This was something my cousin had used for her son. Both of our babies had reflux bad and some tummy issues. I thought this would be the perfect choice for my daughter. It started off well, she took it after a while and seemed to like it. However, once we started to use more and more formula as my milk began to dry up, she started to get slightly constipated. We noticed that her stool was very hard (we liked to call them “little turd nuggets”). She rarely had poops that were loose. She never seemed to get fully constipated, but I worried that it would happen eventually. So, back to the drawing board I went. I started to look for a formula that was easier for babies to break down and that was good for sensitive tummies. I for some reason assumed Similac or Enfamil would be better for Parker. I am unsure if it was just because they were more expensive or seemed to carry a loftier name? In the end, I saw that Gerber Good Start SOOTHE would be the right choice for my daughter. The upfront description is that it helps with colic in babies, which she was not. If you read more into colic though, it can be related to your baby not having enough good bacteria in the digestive system to break down food sources. I decided to give this a try…and it worked GREAT!!! It took about a week or two for my daughter’s poops to start to get nice and loose. And now (about 3 months later), she is easily going 2-3 times a day! Occasionally, it is more solid, but it is not a regular occurrence. Sadly, for her, I think she just has mommy’s belly. When I told my doctor what we had switched her to, she said it was definitely a good choice for Parker.


I explained this to the lady (in less detail ha) and went over how I introduced the formula. She was so grateful and told me she was glad I went over my introduction process because that was something she didn’t even think to ask.

In case people are wanting to know, we started off by mixing it with breast milk. At the time, she was only taking 3-4-ounce bottles. We started with ¼ formula to ¾ breast milk. When she got used to that, she did 50/50 and then ¾ formula to ¼ breast milk. I liked to add the ¼ breast milk as much as possible, so she was still getting some of those nutrients from me. It took her a little bit to get used to the taste of formula, but now she takes it like a pro and loves it!

My best friends sweet baby girl

I love it when moms can reach out to other moms. Whether it be through blogs, family members or friends, or even random people at the store. It is so important to help each other out and share our wisdom. Every situation is different, but some are similar enough to be able to help you decide what route to take for you and your little one. To be honest, when I do research about things for Parker, bloggers are my number one go to after friends/family. Pinterest has been key for me and takes me to so many blog sites. I love reading about their experiences and knowing I am not alone. Someone else has gone through what I am going through, and they found a solution, so I can too.


My point today is…HELP OUT OTHER MOMS! Don’t keep your wisdom hidden from others. Don’t make it seem like your baby life is perfect and you never have any issues. WE ALL HAVE ISSUES and we need to help each other make it through it all. We are all in this together!!


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