Birthday Fizzle or Blessing?

Hey everybody! So today is officially my Thirtieth Birthday! Now…when I pictured this birthday I definitely had some ideas of how I would celebrate; a fun trip with the hubby or girlfriends, maybe a big bash with family and friends…or even just going to see the Marvel movie that would come out near my birthday (side note…Marvel always manages to wish me a Happy Birthday with a movie around this day every year haha). What I didn’t envision was waking up early to make it to an Orange Theory workout, making a Target run and then staying home with my husband and baby girl.


Most of you are aware that we don’t live near family, and to be honest, I haven’t found a babysitter that I am totally comfortable leaving my daughter alone with. This means no date night and no major plans to celebrate my day. And you know what…I’m okay with that! Staying at home for snuggles and play time is a GREAT way to spend your birthday. I even took Parker to the park so we could swing and slide! She’s only been once and she was just too small last time to enjoy it…now she adores every part of the experience!


It’s funny…people tell you that when you have kids, your own birthday isn’t AS exciting and Christmas gifts for yourself aren’t as important. IT’S SO TRUE!!! Now don’t get me wrong, I love celebrating my birthday…but I no longer feel the need to celebrate it for a whole week. And I enjoy Christmas gifts, but it wasn’t nearly as exciting as helping my daughter open hers. I’ve been so busy planning Parker’s first birthday party for next month that I kept forgetting my birthday was coming. If you know me…THIS SOUNDS NOTHING LIKE ME!! I’m usually working on a count down a month in advance. This year though, my mind was solely focused on Parker and her festivities.


This may not have been how I planned on celebrating this milestone birthday, but it doesn’t make it any less special. Any time spent with my little family is precious. My day may now include a workout, stay at home mom duty, some side work and a sick husband (sad face)…but I’m happy, healthy and alive! I have a great life and such wonderful people all around me. I am so thankful to be where I am today and to know all of the people that I know. These past 30 years have sure gone by fast (even my second grade teacher posted on my Facebook page saying “HOW CAN YOU BE 30?!” haha)…I am so thankful for the life experiences I’ve had, all the people I have met along the way and all of the many memories I have made.


My Thirtieth may not have been what I envisioned, but I wouldn’t trade this day for anything! All the snuggles from the poor teething baby, HUGE smiles on the swings and the hubs going out to get me whatever I want for dinner. May be low key and chill…but that’s my life and I love it!


*Don’t worry…my hubby does have plans to celebrate that he had to postpone until he feels better LOL


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