Baby’s First Easter Basket

Here comes the Easter Bunny y’all!! We are so excited for Parker’s first Easter! We didn’t go all out for her at Christmas time this past year. We knew at her age, there were only so many toys that people could really buy for her…so we decided to let her family have the opportunity to get her what they wanted. We only did Santa; he brought her stocking stuffers and an adorable rocking unicorn from Pottery Barn Kids. Soooo…I decided to have fun with her for Easter!

To start off…I spent more than I probably should have on her basket. I went all out and got her a basket and liner from Pottery Barn Kids. I figured it was worth it though…I mean she WILL be using it for multiple years (I was made sure to get the large one), right?! I went back and forth with it, but they ended up having a really good sale, so I splurged. Oh man, was it worth it! This basket is seriously the most adorable thing EVER!!


Next was deciding what to get to go in it. She’s still so young at 9 months and I wanted to make sure to get her things she needed, as well as fun things. I thought I would make up a list of the things I got for her in case any of you are blanking on what you could get your little one.

      • Charley Cutie Clip (the tan one and the white one) from Ryan and Rose

    Charley Cutie Clip

    • Cutie Teether Rattle from Ryan and Rose

    • Gerber Puffs

    • Easter Book

    • Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup

    • Baby Einstein Video

    • Bath Foam Letters

    • Baby’s First Blocks

    • Bubbles

I’m so excited to put it all together for her. She is such a good and sweet little girl, she deserves to be spoiled a little by the Easter Bunny!

What did y’all get your sweet babes for Easter??


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